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You Better Watch Out

You Better Watch Out

Director :
Steve Callen
Stars :
Stephen Curry, Dan Wyllie, Chris Haywood


“You Better Watch Out” is a wickedly dark comedy about a department store Santa Claus who is kidnapped by two disgruntled brothers who want to know why they never received the presents they wanted throughout their childhood. And now they want Santa to pay for all those disappointing Christmas mornings. At first, the man in the Santa suit thinks that they are just blaming him symbolically, but soon he realizes these guys really do believe in Santa and that he is the real Santa! In a reversal of the Christmas time classic, “The Miracle on 34th Street”, here we have a department store Santa having to prove he isn’t the real Santa. But as the brothers continue their interrogation, the man in the Santa suit is forced to remember things from his own past, things long since buried, of a time when he stopped believing in himself. It’s only when he faces his own demons that he reaches enlightenment. However, enlightenment comes at a price and if he is who these two reprobates think he is, then…

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