“Bana turns in a star-making performance reminiscent of Russell Crowe's head banger in the comparably violent "Romper Stomper," “

“Shining through this film is Eric Bana's performance... and he's surrounded by a depth of performance rarely seen in Australian films“

“...was a major box-office success in its native Australia, and it made an overnight star of its leading man, Russell Crowe“

“A minimalistic but multilayered production, "Proof" profits too from excellent performances from its trio of players..."

“Portrayed by Australian comic Bana - a brave casting decision that pays off admirably...

“Stylistically striking and featuring a clutch of stunning performances from emerging local talent, this is a remarkable achievement... The three leads are stunning, and their performances have real subtlety. “

“Thanks to Saville’s tightly controlled direction and a superlative cast, the mere exchange of glances builds as much suspense as the kinetic action sequence that opens the pic.“

"Perth writer/director Lucas meshes the familiar (“Gossip Girl” fans will feel at home) with the fresh, crams it with some of the best performances you’ll see from a young cast,"

"...Bana's riveting performance, a grim, grinning portrait of a real bad, real funny, real mad bastard,"

"... the actors have been very well chosen..."

"... Crowe's tragic-hero qualities (at his hatemongering worst, he's hiply glamorous)"

"Tanya (Pia Miranda), the bassist, has the gaunt, dolorous manner of a sexy butch-pixie... the brittle ruthlessness of her delivery will make you sit up in happy anticipation of her scenes"

"Since the real Chopper is again behind bars, the film depends entirely on its casting, and in... Eric Bana the filmmakers have found... a future star. He creates a character so fearsome and yet so clueless and wounded"

"Weaving is always a pleasure to watch - his every expression meaningful and Byrne, a stark and lovely contrast... All the cast is excellent,"

"... inspired casting"

"The performances on screen throughout Chopper never fail to hit the mark,"

"Fabulous performances from a top, top cast,"

"Phoenix 2 is an ensemble piece and it is hard to fault any of the actors. They are all excellent..."

"... the performances throughout are exceptional..."

"Proof benefits immeasurably from a trio of powerful performances,"

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