About Us

  • What I Know

    The digital age has allowed me to forge a path - mostly of my own making. After 30 plus years in casting I feel I have cast everywhere, for everyone, on every project.

    Which of course is not true. But it feels like it. Major US feature films for Paramount, Warner's, Fox. Pilot Season for Fox, ABC and CBS. Power Rangers for Disney for six years.

    I have cast on nearly every continent! I have auditioned remote villagers in the highlands of New Guinea through to top fashion models. I preferred the remote villagers :)

    My list of credits can be found here

  • What I Don’t Know

    • Why peanuts are an ingredient in dynamite
    • Why all of the clocks in Pulp Fiction always say 4.20
    • Why 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything
    • Why actors think getting the dialogue correct is the key to a good audition
  • What you should know

    I am currently the President of the Casting Guild of Australia. I was on the Board of the Australian Film Institute for seven years. I was honoured to be named in the IF Magazine 2003 list of the 20 Most Influential People in the Australian Film Industry.

    In this industry that we would all love to be part of, I am fortunate to have sat at the table of plenty – as far as casting is concerned. If it is time to vacate my seat for the next person, I will do so graciously.

    And it is time to pass on to actors, the next generation, what I know from 35 years in an casting studio, auditioning actors. If you seek my opinions go to my training website The Audition Technique